The BapeKilla Returns

i hate bape and dweebo

my bapes tees and shoes, air force ones, air jordans, billionaire boys club tees and some other shoe brands...

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  1. Dweebo1234 says:

    Nice Immortal Tech song choice. I wasn’t trying to piss you off. I didn’t spend “5 bills” on them. I spent a combined total of about 60 bucks on the sweatshirt and the sneakers. It goes without saying that they were both fake bape products. The video wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, it was intended to be a parody of Soulja Boy. Hope this clears everything up for you, TheBapeKilla.

  2. cajreyes1 says:

    dope collection

  3. SneakerManC says:

    Real nice stuff man

    keep it up

  4. rdreezy says:


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