I Got Me Some BAPES (music video spoof)

(YOU KNO ITS A SPOOF)YEEAA. I got me SOME BaPES... o..and those are some sketchers, but i never said they were bapes.. FIND MORE AT WWW.EVGFILM.COM WE Used an average low-quality camera-green scree terrible.. Produced by ALL EDITED FILMED in 5 hours Produced and acted by MC, EvG, and J RICH EDITED by EvG EvG films "I got me Some Bapes" by Soulja Boy

Hes White Music Video

Stay Tuned For All Of Our Latest Videos By Subscribing! check out our website - www.mlproductions1.com Music Video For Hes white featuring Luke Henderson. All original lyrics written by Matt Hoffman Beats Produced in Garage Band.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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