Fake Kicks (Comedy Skit)

As the price tags on shoes grows higher the number of fake shoes going around will rise. The debate between real and fake shoes is a growing issue within the sneaker community. Some say fakes are just wrong while others claim that as long as the shoe looks good and is well made it is ok. This comedy skit is about fake shoes and how sometimes the quality of the shoe is just horrible. Please Subscribe, Rate, & Comment WARNING: Please do not take offense to the following video, it is not meant to be take literally, and does not aim to be racist. The races portrayed in this skit are only used to add to the comedic feel of the skit. After all two white guys talking to each other just isn't funny. Music Used: Chaiyya Chaiyya by Del Si (off the Inside Man soundtrack) OMAR The Song by eMac : www.youtube.com NO SHOES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO
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Travis Barker Dc Remix
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Bape or Fake? please help me findout!!!!

I just dont wanna rock fake pair of bapes, help me know write me comments and tell me!!! Thanks to all helpers!

this is my 6th cleanest outfit of the week video and in it i show my two new hoodies a new sneaker pickup and give u guys a update on my clothes so enjoy and please rate,comment and subscribe and tell prople about my videos. peace

fake bapes

here are a pair of bapes for , check em out and if you know about sneaks you tell me what you think. If you don't know about sneaks leave a lil dumb ass comment anyways
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The Trill Grillz half green half gold shoe
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I know im not telling u the difference between the fake and real bapes because i want the viewers to see for themselves so they can make good decisions for themselves. This video also include helpful tips about how "A BATHING APE" designs their shoes. BOD BAPE GANG IS MY CREW DEDICATED TO HELP OTHERS FIND REAL BAPES AND OWNING BAPES.WE'RE ALL ABOUT BAPE (JUST THE SHOE, NO HOODIES)HIT US UP AT bodbapegang@hotmail.com or go to WWW.BODBAPEGANG.NING.COM The song is Title:Thug Love Artist:Bone Thugs n' Harmony feat. Tupac