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Urban Design Bape & Ice Cream Brand

Popular brands have had a place in the street culture of the America for decades. Every once in a while there are certain brands that capture the minds of easy influenceable teens and create a kind of clique following. In the early 90's you had brands like Kani and Cross Colors which had teens in a frenzy. Fast forward almost two decades later and clothes such as Bathing Ape and Ice Cream are the popular clothing of choice for today's discerning youth taste.

BAPE is a popular Japanese urban wear brand that specializes in shoes, jackets and hoodies. The brand gets its style from its creator Nigo. The BAPE brand consists of shoes, jackets, hoodies, jeans and other items. The brand presents itself as an exclusive item and this is reflected in the limited edition clothes it produces. This style of limited clothing has created a following and popularity that has found its way to North America. BAPE has become the clothing of choice for hot rappers and other popular figures.

Ice Cream is an offshoot brand from popular mega-producer from the Neptunes, Pharrell. The Ice Cream brand follows and gets it's influences from BAPE as the designer Nigo is very good friends with Pharell. He offers insight and various designs aspects of the brand. The Ice Cream brand consists of the popular ssneakers. Their bright excessive colors and fresh design have made them the choice of the popular fashion following teens. The Ice Cream brand also consists of hoodies, jackets, jeans and other apparel choices.

The rapid rise of Myspace, the social networking phenomenon, is also a breeding ground for these brand name clothes to flourish. Most people on myspace have the ability to customize their pages and the use of in demand brand names is part of this. Some people who enjoy changing their background with the likes of Baby Milo myspace layout. There is also a BAPE myspace layout for the same brand. The other popular brand, Ice cream shoes also follows in this. Their Ice Cream myspace layout is very popular among teens and young adults who adore those fashions.

In concluding the urban culture is always wanting something fresh, innovative and cool. The brands such as BAPE and Ice Cream offer just that. Their different design in clothing items such as jeans, hoodies, shoes and jackets have set them apart from their competition. They offer fresh design styles that the urban youth desire. The popularity of these brands have seen them going from the material to the internet world. Ice Cream Myspace layout, BAPE and Baby Milo available for download and to fancy. These brands will be around for a while and they will influence the way people wear, design and buy their clothes in the future.

This article was brought of courtesy to you by the author James Dalton. James Dalton writes on a wide range topics from Majorica Pearls to Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction. For more articles like the one presented above, please visit his website Satellite TV for similar articles.

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Kanye West Bape Sta Shoes and Air Bape Bbc Ice Cream Shoes for Sell

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Ice Cream Shoes!!!

*9/13/08 I just found out Hannah Montana wore these shoes on an episode (i had got them from the set) link: www.youtube.com It's hard to see unless watching it in High Quality Ma new ice creams *Update 1/25/08 What it is?? I KNOW you like these ugly ass shoes!!! -Mr Mat

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