I got me some Bathing Apes

jockin on yo bitchass!!
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Continued from: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Introducing theWorld's Best Bunion Preventive Health Tabi Shoes! Unisex Tabi Miracle Health Shoes for all ages! Scientific Studies and Research was conducted in the process of developing these shoes and so far, with more than 6000 pairs sold locally and going strong relying only in referrals, these LaFeet Shoes have been helping those people suffering from Bunions "Hallux Valgus". * Soft, lightweight, comfortable, less fatigue/stress on feet * Airy and worn with ease * Well ventilated -- promoting "Feet Breathability" * Zip off for easy wear * UNISEX simple design for everybody * Hallux Valgus-friendly shoes (preventive for developing Bunions) Many local buyers and clients suffering from painful Bunions have claimed and testified that their condition improved nd some even says that their Bunions was relieved over time! SCIENTIFIC FINDINGS AND FEATURES: 1. Less time spent on ground because of the freedom on the foot due to the split-toe effect thus more efficient walking activity. 2. Step interval between feet is closer (left and right legs during walking distance), the most narrow when barefoot, which is considered to be solidly on the ground on foot. Because you can feel the ground solidly type shoes socks barefoot too, are narrower than the distance walking shoes in general. 3. High Kick-Power to move forward -- For general walking shoes to the pedal force increases, the greater the load socks-type shoes kicked out. This ...
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Bathing Apes

I got these shoes ath the BAPE Store in LA. Max Alcorn's Bape Sta Green Diamond shoes. Size 12. Pictures are taken at UCLA, USC, and in Beverly Hills. The song is Bathing Apes by Solja Boy
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My New Bapes and Bape Hoody ( Bathing Apes )

This video was intended to be a joke. I guess nobody got it? Anyway, I don't know if they're real or not, so stop asking.

i ordered the shoes from the internet, got the shirts from the bape pop up store in ny, and the 2 key chains from the Busy Work Shop. i know i didnt talk in this video, i was too lazy. lol but i will be posting my jorans and osiris soon so be on the look out!:)
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