Nike SB Tiffany Dunk Low

Hey whats going on youtube, im back with a new pickup, this time its the all time favorite, nike sb tiffany. I hope you enjoy the video. Give me some feedback on what you think about the pictures at the end instead of making a video of the shoes on feet, i felt that making a video was overdone.

correction-- the jordans are going for 260+ FREE SHIPPING
Video Rating: 5 / 5

28 Responses to “Nike SB Tiffany Dunk Low”

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  1. aznflows says:

    yo wat is your haircut called i wanna copy it and tell me the size too plz

  2. jorge7627410 says:

    i want them so bad

  3. RetroJaysFTW says:

    this was made on star wars day. hahaha. Dope tiffs though

  4. EricBlewRocketsxD says:

    where you got em’?

  5. Crustcollectors says:

    nice pic up

  6. zechmiIIa says:

    Nice chair, bitch

  7. nicko1196 says:

    what shoes are you wearing???!!! they look tight, from what’s seen on the vid

  8. veneracci says:

    I WAS SUPPOSE TO COP THAT PAIR YOU HAVE! but you beat me to it !

  9. SeeVincentVo says:

    good shit !

  10. pinkelf6669 says:

    haha johnny got jokes. sweet backyard. i’ll definately be at your next ustream shit was mad fun. btw not to be a dick but theres 3 6’s in my name

  11. zzzlimiczzz says:

    @pinoyballer05 yea i came in late. but its all good. nice vid. and just keep them heat comin

  12. pinoyballer05 says:

    @zzzlimiczzz u wern’t there for the contest, or you didnt respond during the contest, next ustream bro ill give u another chance

  13. zzzlimiczzz says:

    were my shout out? im guhhh lol. nice shit though

  14. TheFameForNothing says:

    great choice with them white bro ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. B1GWHITE says:

    dope tiffanies

  16. Doeboiifreshhh says:

    very nice pickup man u dont seem that excited to get them i would be doing backflips hahah

  17. JayDeeBeeze says:

    very nice pick up bro these are clean as hell

  18. snapppp says:

    crazy pick-up!

  19. StevesMMJ says:

    Again.. hot pick up, kEEP it up!

  20. youngsneaks101 says:

    the only sb low i will cop beside the what the dunks…..FRESH

  21. prettythug62494 says:

    nice pickup! the event did look fun.

  22. DJDELZTV says:




  24. Sweetdarts says:

    where did you get that jacket?

  25. TINBITZPHAM says:

    whats wrong with the tongue? did you pull them up too much or the straps are cut?

  26. blake3one6 says:

    nice pick ups dude

  27. LILKRISPY954 says:

    @Sn3aKerFr33kZ haha thanks i just want to show people that i am very carefull with the shoes that i love lol

  28. Sn3aKerFr33kZ says:

    yo i want dem so bad dope new pickups man u most really love dem jordans “very carefully take dat tissue paper out, make sure my hands are clean” lol, but i really wanted dem dope pickup and today i will be havin new pickups. u to funny these smell amazingg……….lol

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