25 Responses to “Bathing Ape 100% Authentic LA”

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  1. maximumsen says:

    wtf did you buy all those teddies =S they are not cool..buy a hoodie and come back

  2. MrDforizzle says:

    LOL there is no way your feet are bigger then thirteens, unless you have fat feet.

  3. fuckthisshit890 says:

    fuck this fat fuck

  4. dogiscool123456 says:

    DAM WTF lol all fucking haters shit, guys calm down and leave this kid alone, why u got a hate? Lol (jealousy) anyways fuck if he likes bape he does why do u say its fucking gay, he wears what he wears…..yall are dumbbbbasses

  5. getwhooped101 says:

    Bapes are fuckin ugly. Garbage ass little kid shoes.

  6. ChicanoArtizt says:

    Bape is gay

  7. NIKEZandJAYZ says:

    first off ur songs gay cuz soulja boy sux second do they make fake pillows

  8. NIKEZandJAYZ says:


  9. sephyiroth says:


  10. sephyiroth says:

    This muthafuka Getting shit he Can’t even Pronounce lolol..

  11. sunchaseI2 says:

    ur a shitty assfuck

  12. KBBK1450 says:

    Yo u look lik an ape lolllll haha

  13. liner555 says:

    Man… Buy clothes, not that little shit.

  14. kizzyableable says:

    man thats some gay azz shit y buy babes
    man itz all about dem jordans

  15. expersteez says:


  16. kunaiwithchain says:

    faggot wasting money on that shiit

  17. skudoodle232 says:

    i like bape but u buy the crapest shit there

  18. gghak says:

    wow…..nice, he buys a monkey pillow and a doll keychain thing. and some random shirt. i bet that keychain and pillow costed together atleast 100 dollars rofl.

  19. BrackynT says:

    how much did it all come to?

  20. sjembekshine says:

    I used to skate. But I just like the way Sb’s look.

  21. ChiefxASTx says:

    lemme guess, you dont skateboard. because nike sb’s are for skateboarding hence the name SB…..

  22. NIKEZandJAYZ says:

    why is a monky ear fucking spongebob

  23. KINGOFKINGZect says:

    hey u say u in l.a why dont u go try to sell that pillow in compton itll be fun than make a video about the bullet in yo ass u got trying to look cool with gay ass shit

  24. jackm626 says:

    ahah sooo truee

  25. killaownz1204 says:

    wow fucken faggot goes to the bape store and buys pillows and little toys u fucken little girl.

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