Unboxing A Bathing Ape (Bape) Roadstas

Got those via pondon from Japan 100% legit I think every Bapehead out there knows who she is. (check bapetalk) Nonsense comments will be deleted. Sorry for bad camera quality. ------------------------------------------------------------ Unpacking a fresh pair of A Bathing Ape Bape Roadstas in black/white colorway for www.runffm.com. Please visit the blog for more information www.runffm.com
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I Got Me Some BAPES (music video spoof)

(YOU KNO ITS A SPOOF)YEEAA. I got me SOME BaPES... o..and those are some sketchers, but i never said they were bapes.. FIND MORE AT WWW.EVGFILM.COM WE Used an average low-quality camera-green scree terrible.. Produced by ALL EDITED FILMED in 5 hours Produced and acted by MC, EvG, and J RICH EDITED by EvG EvG films "I got me Some Bapes" by Soulja Boy

Bathing Apes

I got these shoes ath the BAPE Store in LA. Max Alcorn's Bape Sta Green Diamond shoes. Size 12. Pictures are taken at UCLA, USC, and in Beverly Hills. The song is Bathing Apes by Solja Boy
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Franalations Jordan Video 1

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These are my current shoes. 🙂 Jordan 23's Bathing Ape Batman Edition AFJS' (Air Force Jordans aka Nike Af1 Jordan fusions) Nike Basketball Shoes Classic Addidas Pumas Addidas Promodel II
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