Jezign Footwear

Jezign revolutionary footwear

Just got these in from Taiwan. They were designed by Jay Chou, who is a singer, producer, actor, musician, and piano player, and also has the only Nike Teir Zero account in Taiwan. These are sooooo sick. This is also the only video on You Tube about these, I checked. Try to guess my next pick up haha. Rate, Comment, Subscribe please. Thanks for watching.
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fake bapes

here are a pair of bapes for , check em out and if you know about sneaks you tell me what you think. If you don't know about sneaks leave a lil dumb ass comment anyways
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The Trill Grillz half green half gold shoe
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New York Pickups- Bape, BBC, Kidrobot

Hey youtube, these are the things i was able to pickup from the bape pirate store, BBC store and the Kidrobot store. LIKE COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE Check out
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My fresh sneaker collection so far !!!!!

These are the shoes in my sneaker collection. i'll be getting more soon and doing reveiws on them but for now enjoy these .i've been meaning to do a sneaker collection video for a while but i wanted it to grow more . so here it is .
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This is a video guide for anyone who is interested in becoming scene. For more information, go to Song: High King- Cinderella Complex
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