???????? A BATHING APE shoes!!

?????????????????????? A Bathing ape the pink shoes.

Justin showcasing Sam's collection of BAPE. From the shoes to the hat, everything BAPE.
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  1. MusashiShimmen says:

    Thanks for uploading, please keep it up!

  2. coolio547 says:

    faggotts. wtf are u guys doing

  3. Fruitcake8me says:

    Justinthepoo commenting under his sisters name. haha sad. but this babe clothing, where can i get some, im willing to drop a couple mil jus for the shoes, smells so fresh i can smell it from here, it makes febreeze smell like a garbage plant

  4. whoaajess says:

    So damn hood rich, yet so sad nobody except people from “Dinner with the Family” can afford it.

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